PCC Wireless Connection

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Please read through the following instructions for connecting to wireless services at PCC while at the NWILL Conference.

  • PCC wireless service for Windows computers requires a certificate to be downloaded to your computer. Windows users should take a moment to download this file and install it on your computer in advance.
  • Android-, Surface-, and iOS-based devices do not require this certificate.
  • Once on campus, connect to PCC-WiFi and use the following credentials: User Name=NWILL ; Password=NWILL
  • Click here for detailed step-by-step instructions for connecting to wireless with various operating systems.
  • The PCC Computer Help Desk welcomes your call for assistance with installing the Windows certificate and/or using wireless on campus. They are open 7am - 8pm Monday through Thursday, and 8am-5pm Friday & Saturday. Please call 971.722.4400 for assistance.

PCC WIRELESS ACCESS TERMS OF USE: To improve security and service, Portland Community College requires authentication to the PCC wireless network. Access to the wireless network is restricted to employees, students, or individuals authorized by the college. Use of this system is subject to all policies, standards, and procedures set forth by the college. Unauthorized use is prohibited and may result in administrative or legal action. Use may be monitored for compliance or system management purposes.