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Northwest Interlibrary Loan and Resource Sharing Conference 2004


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Sept. 11th, 2003
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


12:00 p.m.-1:30 p.m.

Lunch: Interest Group Meetings





Willamette University


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University of Washington






Eastern Washington University


of Washington

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OCLC Western Service Center


1:45 p.m.-3:30 p.m.

Meeting and Exceeding
Patron Needs through
Individual and Group Best
Lars Leon, University
of Kansas
Leon, Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Librarian from
the University of Kansas and proponent of group "Best Practices"
as a way to enhance service, will solicit information from the
audience to learn about some success stories and failures from
our non-library lives that can provide perspectives on philosophies
and practices applicable to our work in interlibrary loan. Lars
will present information on missions, goals, codes and standards,
relating these focal points of "Best Practices" to
interlibrary loan and establishing an understanding of the foundations
of interlibrary loan services, ultimately creating a baseline
from which we can improve. Conference participants from any
size or type of library will be encouraged to consider a wide
range of "Best Practices" appropriate for individuals,
libraries and groups of libraries.

Lars will also provide an overview of the topics to be covered
at the
conference, talking about the field's technologies, policies,
practices and people. He will provide in-depth information about
what actions can be taken locally to implement "Best Practices,"
particularly focusing on the implementation of regional user
groups because ultimately most libraries will only achieve the
most efficient services through successful group "Best

Lars Leon is the Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Librarian
for the University of Kansas Libraries. His research focuses
on interlibrary loan best practices and global resource sharing.
He has provided numerous presentations and workshops in such
venues as the Long Island Resource Council, the Association
of Research Libraries' ILL Conference in Ann Arbor, the Texas
Library Association Conference, the TexShares Interlibrary Loan
Conference, the Colorado ILL Conference and at international
conferences in Bulgaria. Recently, Lars coordinated an effort
with a group of Interlibrary Loan Librarians belonging to the
Greater Western Library Alliance resulting in a groundbreaking
article on group best practices. The article, "Enhanced
Resource Sharing Through Group Interlibrary Loan Best Practices:
A Conceptual, Structural, and Procedural Approach" is forthcoming
and will be published in the July, 2003 issue of "Portal:
Libraries and the Academy
," a Johns Hopkins University
Press publication.

3:45 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

DOCLINE: The (Almost) Free ILL System for Medical Information

Susan Barnes, University
of Washington


your library users need access to more medical and health information
than your collection can provide? DOCLINE, the National Library
of Medicine's ILL system, can help by making it easy for you
to request copies or loans from any of the more than 3,000 DOCLINE
libraries in the US and Canada (many of which do not use OCLC
or any other ILL system). This session, intended for library
staff with no DOCLINE experience, will help you decide whether
DOCLINE is right for you by providing basics of system use.
Learn how to request copies of journal articles, to locate information
about medical libraries' serial holdings, and to provide one-click
PubMed/MEDLINE article ordering for your users. Use of DOCLINE
is free of any connection or transaction costs, but supplying
libraries might charge borrowing fees.

Susan Barnes is the Resource Sharing Coordinator for the National
Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region,
at the University of Washington's Health Sciences Library. Her
responsibilites include training and support for use of the
DOCLINE interlibrary loan system.

Setting up Custom Holdings & Direct Profiles
Sam Sayre, OCLC

Holdings - Just Do It!

Make choosing potential lenders easy. Save staff time. This
session will show you how to use the free OCLC service that
can suggest lenders based on your ILL protocol. We will start
from the very beginning and show you how to set up your preferred
partners and how to use custom holdings once you have set
them up. You will need to be familiar with basic borrowing
on OCLC.

Direct Profiles - Skim the cream.

Let your easy requests go unmediated. Save staff time. This
session will show you how to set up profiles that will allow
you to send the requests you choose direct to lenders without
staff intervention. Direct profiles allow you to decide which
requests can go direct and which libraries they can go to.
You will need to be familiar with basic borrowing on OCLC.
, OCLC Library Services Consultant, OCLC, Inc.
800-854-5753 or 503-223-2884.

Just a Click Away: OpenURL and Resource Access
Panel: John
Webb, Washington State University; Mark Dahl, Lewis &
Clark; Vicky Robl, Serials Solutions; Michael Spalti, Willamette


a mechanism for sending bibliographic data between information
sources, OpenURLs allow users to search a library catalog AND
get a full-text article OR an interlibrary loan request form,
without having to cut and paste a citation or fill out a paper
form. During this session, a panel of experts will discuss development
and implementation issues as well as the costs and benefits
of OpenURL resolvers.

Mark Dahl has been Library Technology Coordinator at Lewis &
College Watzek Library since August 2001. Previously, he was
Systems & Technical Services Coordinator at Central Oregon
Community College. He has over five years experience in integrated
library system management, web site administration, and web
development. He has presented on several library technology
topics including PHP and Expect scripting, data exporting from
Integrated Library systems, and customizing the Texas Information
Literacy Tutorial.

John Webb
is Assistant Director for Digital Services/Collections at the
Washington State University Libraries. He came to WSU in 1992,
after serving as Deputy State Librarian at the Oregon State
Library, assistant Dean for Public Services and Head, Archives
and Special Collections at Wright State University, and Assistant
to the Director at the University of Dayton Research Institute.
He currently serves on the Board of Editors for the LITA journal,
Information Technologies and Libraries, and is a member of the
Steering Committee of the SFX/MetaLib Users Group and a member
of the ARL Portal Implementers Group.

Vicky Robl is a Senior Account Representative for Serials Solutions,
Inc. She has nearly 10 years of experience in consulting organizations
in technology, resource allocation, and e-journal management.
Her responsibilities at Serials Solutions include product management,
customer support, and client development.

Michael Spalti is Associate University Librarian for Systems
at Willamette University, where he is responsible for leading
digital initiatives and addressing intellectual property issues
in the digital domain. His recent experience includes the design
and development of an OpenURL link-resolver currently in use
at Willamette.

5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m

Meet the keynote speaker,
and talk with colleagues over hors d'oeuvres.

Friday, Sept. 12th, 2003
9:00 a.m.-10:15 a.m.

Staff Training Models and Tools
Mary Hollerich,
Northwestern University Law School

session will highlight practical, hands-on tools that you can
use to train your staff on all aspects of the ILL process. Come
see what training resources are available for helping your staff
to understand various call number systems, apply copyright protocol
and learn more effective strategies for searching and processing
requests. The presenter will cover commercially available resources
as well as those developed by librarians “on the front lines.”

Mary Hollerich is Associate Director for Access Services at
the Northwestern University Pritzker Legal Research Center where
she manages the law library’s circulation, interlibrary loan
and print and electronic reserves services. She has served on
and chaired numerous regional and national ILL committees, including
the ALA ILL Committee and ILL Discussion Group. She is currently
spearheading two national ILL projects: 1) development of a
web-based introductory course on ILL practices and protocols
and 2) creation of the first section in ALA devoted to all manner
of resource sharing activities. Mary is also webmaster for ILLweb
and recipient of the 2003 Virginia Boucher OCLC Distinguished
ILL Librarian Award.not yet available.


Mike Scully, Swedish Medical

a program written by medical-librarian Jay Daly, is designed to

track and manage interlibrary loans. It is particularly useful
when used in conjunction with the National Library of Medicine's
DOCLINE system. Mike Scully of the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle
will discuss QuickDOC's basic workings and several of its useful

Mike Scully is a Seattle-native in his 18th year in the library
at Swedish Medical Center. He has followed the progress of QuickDOC
from its days in the late 1980s as a DOS-based program to the
current Windows version. For a time, he was the Washington Medical
Librarian's Association coordinator for QuickDOC.

Direct to Patron Delivery
Panel: Brenda Cameron, Fort Vancouver Regional
Library; Madelyn Hall, Southwest Washington Medical Center;
Frank Haulgren, Western Washington University; Cyril Oberlander,
Portland State University





Public, Academic and Medical libraries panel discuss how
we deliver information to our user's home or departments,
using electronic, regular mail or courier systems. Discussion
includes cost/benefit of services, practical and technical
issues, and will culminate in a brainstorming session asking
how lending libraries might send directly to borrowing library

Cameron is currently the Circulation Coordinator/Projects
Manager for the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District
since 1999. Prior to that she was the Circulation Services
Manager for the Vancouver Community Library, the largest
branch of the FVRL District, for 12 years. Brenda coordinates
the circulation activities of the District as well as managing
projects such as the construction of the Three Creeks Community
Library. She obtained her MLS from Emory University and
a BA from Whitman College. Her publications and presentations
include: "Planning for Success: Documenting Workflow
in the Circulation Department", Collection Management,
Volume 17, Numbers 1/2, 1992. She presented a session on
Planning for the WALE (Washington Association of Library
Employees) Conference in 1996 and Ain't got nothing but
holds... at the 2001 CODI (Customers of Dynix, Inc) conference.

Hall has been a medical librarian at Southwest Washington
Medical Center (Vancouver, WA) for nineyears. Prior to that,
she was a medical librarian at Good Samaritan Hospital &
Medical Center (Portland, OR) for nine years. She obtained
her MLS from Emporia State University (Emporia, KS) in 1997.
She also has a M.Ed from Columbus University (Columbus,
GA). As a medical librarian, she has experience with interlibrary
loan, reference, cataloguing, collection development, maintaining
the library's webpage, and has a keen interest in consumer
health information and readers' advisory.

Haulgren has been the supervisor of the Interlibrary Loan
& Document Delivery department at Western Washington
University for more than ten years. Mr. Haulgren has had
a varied library career since
starting out as a clerk in 1980 at the Media Center at the
University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. At Western he
has worked in the circulation department, supervised the
course reserves, and currently (thanks to ILLiad) splits
his supervisory responsibilities between ILL and the Media
Circulation and Microforms department which has been the
circulation point for 40 laptop computers as part the University's
wireless networking project.

Oberlander is the head of Interlibrary Loan at Portland
State University for fiveyears; he supervises the Interlibrary
Loan and Distance Education library services at PSU. He
obtained his MLS from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana,
2000. His research and publication interests include: Access
Services: Access services and RILI: Great partnership opportunities.
College & Research Libraries News v. 63 no. 9 (October
2002) p. 666-8 Collection Development: Co-presented "LibStatCAT"
on a Collection Assessment panel at the Acquisitions Institute
at Timberline Lodge, May, 2003. Interlibrary Statistics:
Co-developed STATCAT to manage OCLC ILL data.

10:15 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Morning Break

11:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m.

OCLC Searching
Sam Sayre, OCLC

give OCLC any more money than you must. This session will cover
all methods of searching for bibliographic records in the OCLC
ILL System using both Passport and the Web version. Cost and
time effective methods will be emphasized. Bring examples of
difficult searches. No experience necessary.

, OCLC Library Services Consultant, OCLC, Inc.
800-854-5753 or 503-223-2884.

Orbis Cascade Alliance: Delivering Information in the Region
John Helmer, Orbis
Cascade Alliance

This presentation
will explore the Northwest's newest academic library consortium:
the Orbis Cascade Alliance. Topics include the Alliance's roots
with Orbis and Cascade, CRL membership, high-density storage,
the consortium's INN-Reach system featuring 22 million items
from 26 member libraries, electronic resource purchasing, and
the courier system serving libraries throughout Oregon, Washington
and Idaho.
John F.
Helmer is Executive Director of the Orbis Cascade Alliance.
Helmer's background is in systems and cataloging and he brings
experience developed through long association with the International
Coalition of Library Consortia.

Electronic Resources, Licensing, and E-Resource Management
Tim Jewell, University of Washington


long-term trend among academic libraries of spending more
of their resources budgets on databases and electronic access
to journals moved up another notch last year as libraries
began to cancel print copies to help fund e-access. Since
most e-journal access is governed by license agreements
and not copyright law, traditional "fair uses"
such as interlibrary loan are now more problematic. Since
current integrated online library systems don't support
recordkeeping for license terms, ILL/Resource Sharing staff
may have difficulty knowing what is and is not permissible
for a given e-journal. This session will examine common
license language and dilemmas, describe the Digital Library
Federation's E-Resource Management Initiative that is aimed
at addressing this and related problems, and discuss prospects
for describing and sharing license terms in a standardized
Jewell is Head of Collection Management Services at the
University of Washington Libraries in Seattle, and has been
involved in coordinating electronic resources there for
more than ten years. He is also Coordinator of the Digital
Library Federations Electronic Resource Management (ERM)
, and served as Visiting Program Officer for
Electronic Resources at the Association of Research Libraries
from 1996 to 1998.

12:15 p.m.-1:30 p.m.

Lunch: Solving
Problem Requests
Be vewry vewry quiet! We're hunting wabbits!
requests, they look so simple and easy until "Aarugh"
why isn't it there? What could be wrong, and I really don't have
time for this! I guess I'll just set it aside for now. Paper shuffle
quicksand! The request is soon covered and sinking quickly deeper
and deeper into the pile. This group will throw a rope to that
problem request and pull it out! Bring joy to your patrons, be
their hero, by saving the day and finding those problem requests
in the nick of time!

Bring us a problem request, and put it in the drop box near the
conference registration table. We will post solutions to the conference
website with strategies and options we discovered.

This is
an optional discussion with limited seating. It will be held in
a room adjacent to the cafeteria.

1:30 p.m.-2:45 p.m.

A. Copyright: Are you Legal?
Christine Sundt, University of Oregon

Do copyright questions keep you from enjoying peaceful sleep
at night? Are you confused by what you hear and read about
fair use and special exemptions? Is your institution's IP
policy still stuck in the analog world? If you have answered
'yes' to any of the above, then plan to attend this workshop.
will explore the basics of copyright, fair use, and the
public domain in what should be a lively, open arena for
questions, discussions, and debate. Gain a better understanding
of the complexities of copyright, especially as applied
to images and digital formats, and find out who has the
better answers.
the law is daunting but with knowledge and the right tools
to clear away myths and misconceptions about the law,
you, too, can help educate others about how copyright
can promote, not hinder, the educational process.
Lesczczynski Sundt is a visual resources curator and art
historian. With degrees from the University of Illinois,
Chicago and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she began
her career in visual resources at Madison. Prior to moving
to Oregon in 1983, she was the founding president of the
Visual Resources Association (VRA) and was named Technology
Editor of Visual Resources. As a faculty member and visual
resources curator in the library at the University of Oregon
since 1985, she was promoted to full professor in 1999.
She has served as a consultant regarding imaging management
and technology for academic institutions as well as corporations.
She is active in a number of organizations including the
American Association of Museums, Art Libraries Society of
North America, Museum Computer Network, the Society of North
American Goldsmiths, and the Visual Resources Association.
She has served on the NINCH Board of Directors (1999-2001).

of Resource Sharing: Grassroots Consortia
Rand Simmons, Washington
State Library; Barbara Butler, Oregon Institute of Marine


As funding
for libraries continues to become more tenuous, our ability
to provide quality services is challenged. Grassroots consortia
represent an opportunity for libraries to overcome obstacles
through voluntary collaboration. How and why do consortia
emerge? What have they accomplished? Where have they fallen
short? These are just some of the issues that will be explored
in this session featuring two speakers with consortia building
experience. Specific examples of consortia building projects
will be featured.

Rand Simmons, PhD, is the Program Manager for Library Development
at the Washington State Library (WSL). Previous to assuming
that position he was the Special Projects Manager, and earlier,
the Director of the Statewide Database Licensing Project (SDL).
Prior to joining WSL, Rand was the Networking Consultant (consortia
consultant) at the Idaho State Library. He began his professional
life in private academic libraries and was the director of
a small private college library.

Barbara Butler is a solo-librarian and has been employed at
University of Oregon's Institute of Marine Biology since 1992.
She is Chair of the
Environment and Resource Management Division of Special Libraries
Association and for the past five years has been Chair of
(International Association of Aquatic and Marine Science Libraries
Information Centers) Resource Sharing Committee. During her
tenure on this committee IAMSLIC formalized their interlibrary
loan practices.
IAMSLIC members can now submit ILL requests via the "IAMSLIC
Z39.50 Distributed Library"

Hidden in Plain Sight, Discovering MARC's Bibliographic
Margi Mann, OCLC Western Service Center


familiarity with MARC improves one's ability to effectively
choose appropriate bibliographic records and can provide
leads to other bibliographic options. In this session,
OCLC's Margi Mann will cover some MARC basics and explore
ways to enhance decision making when choosing records
in OCLC. This presentation will benefit newcomers to interlibrary
loan or those who have minimal MARC experience.
Mann has been with OCLC Western for two, four, or six
years (depending on how you count it), both as a library
support representative and as a trainer. As such, she
has done extensive training in the resource sharing arena
on Interlibrary Loan, holdings, serials and library standards.

she came to WLN, she worked for 7 years at the National
Library of Medicine (NLM), where she did customer and
user support for Interlibrary Loan, Serials and PC desktop
applications. Margi's work at the NLM also included writing
several system manuals and technical reports. She is a
member of the North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG)
and the American Library Association (ALA). She received
her MLS from the State University of New York at Buffalo
and an MA in Linguistics from the University of Victoria.
Her personal interests are wide-ranging and include history,
problems in human communication, Maine Coon cats, and
the vagaries of home ownership.

3:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

and Send-off: Steps to Implement Best Practices

Lars Leon, University of Kansas

The Conference will
provide a variety of opportunities to learn and share through
presentations, panels, discussion groups and conversations. We
will review the conference together as a group and also in smaller
breakout groups, having in-depth discussions on issues raised
at the conference. Information from these smaller groups will
then be shared with the group as a whole. These discussions will
help formulate ideas on specific "Best Practices" that
individual participants, libraries and groups of libraries could
consider implementing to meet and exceed their patrons' needs


Committee Members


Planning Committee Chair, University of Oregon


of the Program Committee, Willamette University

Troy Christenson
Washington University


Fox University/Portland Center


Coordinator, Portland Community College, Sylvania Campus


State University


Arrangements, Oregon Health & Science University


State University Vancouver


Western Service Center


River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

G. Kelm

Site Coordinator, Willamette University


of Kansas


Fox University/Portland Center


State University


Emanuel Medical Library


Health Sciences Library

Debra Sparber
State Library



Site Coordinator


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