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Northwest Interlibrary Loan and Resource Sharing Conference (NWILL)


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Thursday, Sept. 20, 2007
8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Register, Have Breakfast, Meet with Vendors

9:30 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.

Dr. Joseph Janes
University of Washington

Joseph Janes is Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Academics at the Information
School of the University of Washington. A frequent speaker in the US and abroad, he was the Founding Director of the
Internet Public Library and the co-author of eight books on librarianship, technology, and their relationship,
including Introduction to Reference Work in the Digital Age and writes the "Internet Librarian" column for American
Libraries magazine. He is the 2006 recipient of the Isadore Gilbert Mudge award from the American Library Association
for distinguished contributions to reference librarianship. He holds the M.L.S. and Ph.D. from Syracuse University, and
has taught at the University of Michigan, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the State University of New
York at Albany as well as at Syracuse and Washington.
Presentation Materials

10:45 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.


11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

A. AGent Resource Sharing, ArticleReach, and RAPID: User-Initiated and Mediated Resource Sharing Services
Sharing Services

This is a combined presentation. Focus will be on three products: AGent Resource Sharing, ArticleReach, and RAPID.
Take a look at ArticleReach, a system that allows patrons to initiate requests from an OpenURL-enabled database or their
college or university's online catalog. Come and find out how ArticleReach, a III product, allows users to request
articles completely unmediated and have them delivered in electronic form much more quickly than with traditional
interlibrary loan.
Come hear Mary Jackson explore how vendors now offer products that support both mediated and user-initiated resource
sharing models. In addition, this presentation will touch on the standards that support both service models. Jackson
will use AGent Resource Sharing as an example of a product that supports both service models, one that does not require
librarians to purchase and support multiple resource sharing products.
A representative from Colorado State University will talk about the Rapid Access Processing & Information Delivery system
(RAPID), a fast, cost-effective, innovative resource sharing system. RAPID is a unique system created by Interlibrary
Loan staff for Interlibrary Loan staff. Comprised of hardware, software, and a relational database, RAPID is predicated
on a 24-hour turnaround time service commitment by all participants.
Mary E. Jackson, Auto-Graphics
Shirien Chappell and Joanne Halgren, ArticleReach
Jane Smith, RAPID
Presentation Materials-Jackson
Presentation Materials-Chappell and Halgren

Mary E. Jackson is an internationally recognized authority on interlibrary loan, document delivery, portal applications
in libraries and resource sharing issues. She has published over 100 books, articles, reports, books reviews and columns;
is regularly consulted by libraries, consortia, and networks; and has given presentations and workshops in the U.S.,
Canada and over 15 other countries. As the Product Manager for Resource Sharing at Auto-Graphics, Jackson is responsible
for leading the development efforts for AGent Resource Sharing. Prior to joining Auto-Graphics, Jackson spent 13 years
with the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) in Washington, DC in a variety of roles, most recently as the LibQUAL+
Services Manager and the Director of Collections and Access programs. Prior to her affiliation with ARL, Jackson managed
the Interlibrary Loan Department and served in other positions at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Carroll College and a Masters of Science (MS) from Drexel
Shirien Chappell is head of Access Services in the Knight Library at University of Oregon.
She's been in Access Services for 31 years. She received the Oregon Library Association's "Library Employee of the Year"
award in 1997 for her leadership in the implementation of Orbis (Summit) borrowing program. Shirien recently entered the
Interlibrary Loan world when the ILL Department merged with Access Services.
Joanne Halgren recently retired as Head of Interlibrary Loan Services at the University of Oregon. For the past 30 plus
years she has participated in resource sharing activities locally, regionally and nationally. She has made presentations
at other ILL conferences primarily in the area of OCLC Direct requesting. She was awarded the first Virginia Boucher
OCLC Distinguished ILL Librarian Award in 2000. In 2002 she founded the Northwest ILL and Resource Sharing Conference.
Jane Smith has worked in Interlibrary Loan in academic research libraries for over 20 years. With experience as a borrower,
a lender and as an ILL department head, she moved full-time onto the RapidILL project in October of 2005. As the Director
of Rapid Development and Training, she says that "without question, I have the BEST job in the world!" Jane holds a Masters
degree in Educational Technology (which is not as boring as it sounds).

B. The Montana Project: Home Delivery Beta Test
OCLC is testing a new service that will facilitate requests for library materials across
disparate library system platforms and will interact with different circulation systems. The service will also test
the optional delivery of requested library items directly to users at their homes or offices. Hear about the project
from OCLC and feedback from a test site user.

Jennifer Pearson, Product Manager Consortia Services, OCLC
Beta Tester: Sarah McHugh, Montana State Library
Presentation Materials

Jennifer Pearson has been with OCLC for 4 years. She came to OCLC as Product Support Specialist for Group Services,
progressed to Product Manager of Group Catalogs, and Product Manager of Consortia Services. Currently she works for a
new division of OCLC called Global Market Solutions. Jennifer came to OCLC from Ingram Library Services (a division of
Ingram Book Co.) where she served as Manager of Cataloging Services. She was discovered as a cataloging prodigy by a
supervisor at Ole Miss Law Library when working as student worker. She adds, "Consequently, I was allowed to input and
update OCLC records while having no previous cataloging experience, much less an MLS. So-WorldCat is probably not as
pristine as we'd all like to think." She grew up next door to William Faulkner's house- which may have had some influence
on her future career choices.
Sarah McHugh is the Statewide Projects Librarian at the Montana State Library. Sarah moved to the newly created position
following seven years as Director of the Montana Shared Catalog, a consortium of 82 multi-type libraries. As MSC
Director, Sarah managed resource and user sharing tools, OCLC monthly holding uploads, catalog maintenance and consortium
growth. As Statewide Projects Librarian, Sarah is involved in implementing numerous projects, including NCIP and home
delivery pilots, courier services, subscription database and OCLC product purchases and consortium development. Sarah
holds an M.A. in History from the University of Montana and an M.L.S. from Syracuse University.

12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Have Lunch, Meet with Vendors, and attend a Vendor Demo Session
Come and grab lunch. Meet with some of our vendors and attend some demonstration sessions
with selected vendors. This year vendors will only be available on Thursday and some will be providing 20 minute
demonstrations of products.
Vendors attending

  • Tony Larsen, EBSCO
  • Heather Clark, BCR
  • Sam Sayre and Margi Mann, OCLC/OCLC Western Service Center
  • Dan Denault, Relais
  • Mary Jackson, Auto-Graphics Inc.

2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Communication in the ILL Community: What Works and What Could Work Better
Focus of the session would be on what works and what could work better in the interlibrary loan
community as far as communication is concerned. Talk about whether e-mail is right for communication within the interlibrary
loan community, or should we be moving to blogs, discussion boards, wikis, Second Life, etc.
Rachel Bridgewater, Washington State University Vancouver
Joe Anderson, Content Manager, WebJunction

Presentation Materials

Rachel Bridgewater is the Reference Coordinator at Washington State University Vancouver. In addition to coordinating
reference services, Rachel teaches, develops and supports web applications, and serves as the library's copyright maven.
Rachel frequently speaks about technology topics at local, national, and international conferences. In her talks, Rachel
often addresses the impact of emerging technologies on culture, learning, and teaching. Her primary research interest is
information policy and ethics.
Joe Anderson has been WebJunction's Content Manager since the site launched in 2003. He has played a lead role in
numerous strategic program development and technology initiatives there. Before coming to WebJunction Joe was a
technology manager and writer in the software industry, a high school teacher, and an author of adult education
Hebrew-language textbooks. In his spare time Joe cycles and sings Gregorian chant (not usually at the same time).

3:00 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.


3:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.

Breakout Discussions:
Come and chat with your fellow colleagues about what ILL 2.0 means to you and your
business practices.


Group Leader

Academic Libraries (larger institutions)
Pam Mofjeld, University of Washington

Academic Libraries (smaller institutions)
Troy Christenson,Eastern Washington
Presentation Materials

Public Libraries
Lee-Anne Flandreau,
Fort Vancouver Regional Library

Special Libraries
Rose Campbell,Portland VA Medical Center

4:15 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.


Friday, Sept. 21, 2007

8:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

Registration/Continental Breakfast

9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

A. Encouraging Administration Support of Interlibrary Loan Services
How can we promote interlibrary loan operations within our libraries and library systems?
This session will look at conveying the value of ILL services to colleagues and administrators, approaching
administrators with requests for additional resources, incorporating interlibrary loan into the library's mission
statement, and hiring ILL-supportive directors and managers.
Nancy Alder, Brigham Young University
Annette Milliron, Mountain Valley Library System, North Bay Cooperative Library System, and North State
Cooperative Library System
Presentation Materials-Alder
Presentation Materials-Milliron

Nancy Alder earned her MLS at Brigham Young University in 1981. After years of working as Reference
Librarian and Head of Adult Services at two large public libraries, and an ongoing stint as a professional
storyteller, Nancy has come full circle and returned to BYU to manage Interlibrary Loan and Document
Delivery Services. Nancy's obsessive desire for recognition of Interlibrary Loan's value to the institution
has led to a varied and successful portfolio of 'marketing' ideas.
Annette Milliron is the Executive Director of the North Bay, North State, and Mountain Valley Cooperative
Library Systems, covering all of Northern California north of San Francisco and Sacramento. Each of the
systems is a multi-type cooperative of school, public, academic, and special libraries. North Bay
Cooperative Library System was the first installation of the URSA resource sharing system in the world.
Ms. Milliron received her MLS from the University of Denver. She has directed city, county, and /or
regional library systems in Colorado, Maryland and California. She also worked as a statewide consultant
for the Virginia State Library.

B. Electronic Resources Management: Licensing
Can e-journals be used for interlibrary loan and document delivery services? Focus
will be on the way licensing terms can affect library services and the need to communicate negotiated terms to
library staff and users.
Diane Carroll
Washington State University, Pullman
Presentation Materials

In January 2007, Diane Carroll became the Head of Collections and Acquisitions for Washington State
University Libraries. Prior to this position she was the Collection Development Librarian at Oregon
Health & Science University (OSHU) in Portland. She has seven years of experience licensing electronic
resources for individual institutions and assisting with negotiations with a few Orbis Cascade Alliance
licenses. Her second career is as a Ruminant Nutrition where she gained tenure in the Animal Sciences
Department at Oregon State University in 1998 and then worked for Purina Mills feed company as a PhD
Dairy Consultant.

10:00 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.


10:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m.

ILL 2.0 with Rachel Bridgewater
What Web 2.0 tools that could be used in interlibrary loan? This session will look at
what are ILL 2.0 technologies and which ones are right for you. Get a chance to view some demonstrations and
participate in discussions of wikis, blogs, Instant Messaging, and more.

Rachel Bridgewater, Washington State University, Vancouver

Rachel Bridgewater is the Reference Coordinator at Washington State University Vancouver. In addition to coordinating
reference services, Rachel teaches, develops and supports web applications, and serves as the library's copyright maven.
Rachel frequently speaks about technology topics at local, national, and international conferences. In her talks, Rachel
often addresses the impact of emerging technologies on culture, learning, and teaching. Her primary research interest is
information policy and ethics.

11:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Grab Some Lunch and Attend Software Interest Group or
Software Interest Groups


Group Leader

Meet with fellow Docline users or learn about the software you are considering.
Patricia Devine and Karen Bülow,
National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific NW and South Central Regions
Presentation Materials

Meet with fellow Illiad users or learn about the software you are considering.
Chelle Batchelor,Linda Fredericksen, andLee-Anne Flandreau,NWILL Committee Members

Electronic Article Delivery: Ariel, Odyssey,
Email, etc.
Meet with fellow electronic article delivery users or learn about the software you are
Troy Christenson,Eastern Washington University

Orbis Cascade Alliance Courier
Meet with fellow Courier users
Debi BakerProjects Manager, Orbis Cascade Alliance
Presentation Materials

WorldCat Resource Sharing
Meet with fellow WorldCat Resource Sharing users and talk with a representative from OCLC.
Sam SayreTraining and Support Manager, OCLC

12:15 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.

What Do I Win? Summary Session and Wrap-up
This is our chance to wrap up, discuss what we've learned, pool the breakout discussion
results, and take away a sense of what to look for in the future and how we can advocate positive changes in resource
sharing. Oh, and there will be door prizes.

Web Site Coordinator


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